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Indulge with me.

Thank you for coming to visit me, future lover. I'm so glad you found me. 


There is a reason you have made it to this page. You need something out of the ordinary to shake up and enliven your daily life. Our paths are meant to connect and I am meant to be your escape, your refuge.


Let my embrace be at once healing and invigorating. Let me kiss you deeply before my mouth works magic on your body. Allow my soft skin to brush against yours and melt away reality. We shall make our own.

Contact me today to begin our adventure together in Vancouver or wherever your heart wishes to see me for a Fly Me To You experience.

PS. I love to work with those new to sexual and professional pleasure. My easy going nature will help you relax into an experience you won’t soon forget.


I see all respectful humans! 


I do not discriminate based on your skin colour, abilities, culture, language barriers, body size, upper age limit, class, or anything else you can think of. If you treat myself and others with respect you are welcome here.


I also love to work with those new to sexual or professional pleasure to help make you feel comfortable navigating this new experience.


"I simply cannot be accounted for in words alone. Only through our time together will you begin to know me."

Flavours: sweet & salty, bright, citrus

Scents: cedar, cardamom, beeswax, wild rose

Flowers: sunflowers, dahlias, hyacinths

Colours: red, black, green, gold

Stones: alexandrite, spinel, sapphires, diamonds

Antique: rings, pendants, earrings

New: shoes, purses, lingerie, Indigenous beadwork

Sensations: bare feet on grass, cold water exposure

Dislikes: drugs and alcohol (for myself)

Orientation: bisexual, a lover of all genders/expressions

Loves: health and beauty, cats, nature, mocktails

Interests: Pilates, languages, learning about cultures, travel 

Sexually: switch, kink friendly



Height: 5'8 without heels

Shoes: 9/40

Dress: 12

Breasts: 36 DD

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