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Let's get to know each other...

Hello sexy stranger! My name is Ashton and I am so excited to meet you.


I grew up in a remote area of the West Coast, running around forests and beaches with no TV and only my imagination to play with. Now accustomed to the finer things in life, when we meet you will experience me as a young woman filled with dualities. Romantic yet hedonistic, down-to-earth yet refined, passionate yet empathetic, with a youthful allure and a deep soul. 


Don't expect me to be average in any way. With my radiant smile, mysterious blue eyes, and delectable curves, I am the epitome of natural beauty.


I fell in love with this work for two reasons: I love to create meaningful and lasting new connections, and I'm a silly little slut. Compassionate, kind, playful, and a little wild at all the right times... you really can have it all!


Life is what we make of it, so let’s enjoy ourselves! I love being introduced to new kinks, working with newbies, and everything in between. I am a true switch, but getting on my knees for you makes me insanely wet.


I’m a big fan of being taken out and shown off, and I make great arm candy! The strip club is my bisexual heart’s wet dream. Speaking of being bisexual, I love working with couples, women, and people of all gender expressions. 





Who is Ashton?

A fun and loving woman in her late 20s, Ashton will hold you captivated with her intelligence, endless curiosity, and perfect balance between gentle compassion and fiery passion.

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